Having spoken with Cesar after his recent UK seminar he has asked me to relay few points of our conversation regarding SIS.

As you all know SIS was created to assist the Police and other security forces in there daily duties. Here in the UK if you work in security in any capacity you will have undergo some form of training to be able to be licenced to work in the industry. In that training one of the core modules is law and legislation. this is there to ensure that all operative firstly understand the different laws within the UK and how to operate safely within them.

When it comes to training we first need to ask ourselves is the training there to make us sector competent or there for us to just jump throw the hoops to achieve a licence to work? There are many course providers out there with poor standards but yet it is enough to obtain a licence and gain work. The idea of training is to do just that, to train you to gain the necessary skills and qualities to be able not only to work but to be a more than capable….to be professional!

In the heat of a confrontation wether working as a door supervisor, as a police officer, as a close protection operative the better your personal skills, conflict management skills, etc the better your chance of success. This also reflect back into your day to day activities not just in a hostile situation. There is clearly visible if you are dealing with the general public or with a billionaire client.

SIS is just that, it not only gives you the skills to be sector competent within the field but more. Having a great respect for all martial arts arts such as boxing, Judo etc they have very little place in the security industry! Yes they give you qualities that are undeniable and make you a very good “fighter” BUT we are not fighters! Yes we can be but we are there in a peace keeping role of one form or another.

Within a boxing match the fight can go either way even when one opponent may dominate several rounds, he can still easily go down with a “lucky” punch from his opponent.

In the security industry we can not allow this to happen. Firstly we need to try and defuse a situation through conflict management (verbal and body language), then physical intervention ( normally when a individual is still compliant) to the escalation for a real threat to ourself or others)

By what we will refer to as close quarters combat or “fighting” as mentioned above we do not even truly have control over the situation. This is where SIS truly comes into its own. SIS not only takes control of the situation from the beginning its allows us to keep control!

It removes all options and possibilities the hostile individual has to inflict a threat or injury to ourself or others. This is done physically and mentally. Preventing the brain from thinking and formulating a fight strategy and preventing the body from carrying out any strategy. Like a hotel corridor with room left and right each door is an opportunity for the attacker. We close the doors removing his options and only allowing only one door to be open to him the one we want him to take.

Where ever possible it is always important to deal with any situation at the conflict management level where everyone goes there own way happy! but this is not always the case especially if you are dealing with external factors such as alcohol, drug, or just the fact that there are some nasty people in the world then SIS is ideal!

In hostile situations when things go wrong they tend to go really wrong!

history has show police officers and security operative have lost there jobs, ended up in prison and worst dead. Mainly due to the fact they where not correctly trained to deal with some of the situations they have to face on a regular basis.

Again these are just words the only way to truly understand is to train.

Patrick Waldron UK S.I.S Representative