SIS TEAM POSITIVO VERTICALConcerning the incident at 21:55..
I was on routine patrol of venue & noticed my partner in what looked to be a refusal of entry.
As I approached 1x male was indeed threatening sec with physical harm.
The threat was asked to go 50mtrs, then advised of the conciquences for not moving on ( in nsw it’s $1100 on the spot fine) then 1x male was given a direct order followed by repeat of the above!
He spat at sec still with verb threats etc.
The threat was pushed out of security personal space, I said to my partner “arrest him” a lengthy pursuit followed.
Finally we got put him down & proceeded to restrain.
NO PAIN…… None what so ever!
We managed to ward off two onlookers who read the situation wrong ( thug security) I proceeded to apply a S.I.S wrist control from level 1, it went on eventually. Then I said to my partner ” I have him” let go! ( cease force, even though the threat was still uncooperative)
I new this lock would finish it!
The good thing about this lock is not only does it give you full control but it makes getting up from a grapple position very easy..
As we got up to walk the 100 mtrs back to the venue ( only 2 officers on duty) I could feel the lock binding & working it’s way deeper to a very good lock, I had one hand on his head telling him were going to stand etc.
As we got mobile I had to let the head go for ease of movement ( my partner had the other arm), the threat looked at me and calmly said “can you let go mate” NO PAIN,,,,
What I noticed was as he spun into me the position the lock gave me jammed his structure & still gave me control, very happy.
The guy was not on ice, we’ve dealt with many of them,
He had intense concentration & nil pain tolerance, my guess is Hi end pain killers..
It ended well, arrested for assault security.
S.I.S has give me solid confidence & a set of tools for life..
Thankyou Cesar Pelegrin.
Thanks Saba Marvasti for your proffesionalism. ( my partner)
Regards Glen
Constable- Australia S.I.S Team