In March 2012 I attended my third UK SIS seminar delivered by Cesar Pelegrin. Once again we worked on techniques that are effective, easy to learn and perform, front line applicable and, perhaps most critically, tested and proven in a front line environment.

Here in the UK training offered to both Private Security industries and Governmental departments required to intervene with non-compliant individuals in no way meets what you are required to do. I work in both Door Supervisor and Street Marshalling environments, both private security but both ends of the Physical Intervention spectrum. Door supervision requires individual co-ordinated high level intervention where Street Marshalling requires constant crowd and people control and compliance on a larger scale. The basic levels of Physical Intervention (PI) training I completed to allow me to legally do this falls well short of what I need to be able to confidently and competently should my physical involvement become necessary. UK Level 2 PI offers good solid non pain techniques but offers nothing in terms of “the end level” should you need to ensure compliance, and it’s this void that is, regrettably in this sector, usually filled with brute strength, force and violent trauma as situations descend into “fights” where only the strongest and toughest prevail.

This is where SIS comes into its own. Cesar Pelegrin’s SIS offers a system of PI that at all times is not based on strength, but about purposeful total body movement. The techniques when learned properly and understood fully place you in total control of the aggressor, keeping you safe, offering the aggressor time and opportunity to de-escalate their aggression and importantly offering you options to adapt, change, and de-escalate too. Training is tough, (very very tough!) but what you have to remember is that what you are learning are high end, high level, very advanced techniques. These are the things you will need when all else fails and you are left with little option. What you learn, not just from each technique, but from the training as a whole is the importance of self preservation during each movement. Emphasis is always on control and awareness. Control of your movement, awareness of the situation and how it’s developing, control of the aggressor’s movement, awareness of what you are doing to the aggressor and how it will affect them and you. You are never fully committed to any technique without understanding. This means you are afforded options, and options are what make the difference on a front line.

Cesar Pelegrin developed and honed this system from many years service within his roles of security enforcement and the experience shows. This is not some system designed to exercise power over an individual, it was developed from necessity of need. As SIS was developed in Europe it was designed with European law and standards in mind. It never violates Humans Rights and has been taught on several continents to everyone from Joe Public on the street, to Law Enforcement Services and Prison Officers.

I would urge anyone who has to offer front line intervention, from Store Detectives to Police Enforcement, to train in SIS. It will give you the confidence and the knowledge to face virtually any situation that may arise in your day to day roles and WILL make the difference when you need it!

Adam Freer