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Soke Hatsumi is the inheritor of nine traditions and through his teachings, leads the Japanese Budo and Bujutsu all over the world. Besides unarmed combat, our training focuses on Ken jutsu, Bo jutsu, Naginata jutsu and a wide range of weapons of Budo and Bujutsu very old. We try to move the ancient knowledge of the Japanese martial arts, needs and current environments, without losing sight of martial arts philosophy and wisdom. Among the nine schools that transmits Soke, study, three of Ninpo, and six traditional Samurai Bujutsu.

Kaiyô Dôjô Authorized Instructors

jose moya

José Moya

francisco navarro

Juan Francisco Gómez

jose maria carriba

José Mª Carriba

antonio molino

Antonio Molino

miguel rascado

Miguel Rascado

emilio melgarejo

Emilio Melgarejo

jaime martines

Jaime Martínez

juan jesus fernandez

Juan Jesús Fernández

marcos fernandez

Marcos Fernández

juan antonio del aguila

Juan Antonio del Águila

juan carlos aguilar

Juan Carlos Aguilar

 sergio jaimez

Sergio Jaimez

juan damian jover

Juan Damián Jover

juan francisco moreno

Juan Francisco Moreno

 jose manuel erro

Jose Manuel Erro

jose antonio bravo

Jose Antonio Bravo

jose antonio bravo

Francisco Padilla


Vicky Sánchez

sello cesar negro